Why Pebble?

25 reasons why you'll love Pebble.

If you're a local small business Pebble puts you in charge of your cash flow, revenue, and sales in ways that were never possible before. Here are just a few.
Here's 25 reasons why local business owners love Pebble.

We believe that technology shouldn't stand between you and your customers. That you should have technology thatadapts to the way that you work, not the other way around. That's what Pebble does. And that's why you'll love Pebble the first time you use it. And long, long after

(By the way – Pebble loves you, too.)


You can fill an appointment in 5 minutes.

Add or select recipients, enter the appointment information and click send. The recipients receive a simple text message. A patient can accept this appointment, preventing others from accepting it, and both you and the patient are notified immediately. Simple.

99% of recipients will open and view it.
50% will open your offer within the first 60 seconds.
95% will see it within 3 minutes.

3 minute average response time – 2400x faster than email
(2.5 days for average email response).

20x faster than making a single phone call.


You get powerful emotional buying triggers built in to every offer you send.

Because recipients who receive your offers can see how many offers are left and when they expire. The result is that they’re motivated to take immediate action for fear of missing out (scarcity). In fact, we have 7 powerful emotional buying triggers built into Pebble that drive immediate buying behaviors.

  1. Scarcity

  2. Commitment and consistency

  3. Liking

  4. Authority

  5. Social proof

  6. Reciprocity

  7. Unity

Learn more about the science behind emotional buying triggers >

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It’s simple.

It’s (almost) as easy as sending a text message. You simply write the offer, add whatever controls and limits you want, select who to send it to and click send. That’s it. Pebble handles everything else. It’s simple and flexible and the entire process can take as little as 3 minutes.


You have complete control of everything.

Current marketing solutions come with a long list of problems because you can’t control who is buying, when, or how many. That limits what you can do because you can’t control what will happen.

Pebble bypasses all of those concerns and let’s you control everything; who receives your offer, who can buy, when, where, and how many.

Because you control everything you can send offers to specific customers that you would never make publicly available. This allows you to surprise and delight people while increasing your sales.


You won’t waste money marketing to people who will never become your customers.

For every dollar you spend on marketing, a big percentage is wasted paying to reach people who will never be your customers. It’s costly and wasteful. Pebble turns that model on it’s head by letting you instantly reach the people who are most likely to buy from you, your existing customers and their immediate network.


You keep all of your money.

Most software companies are designed to take your money, ours is designed to let you keep it.

We have a simple subscription so you know exactly what you’re paying to Pebble every month without hidden costs or fees. We don’t skim a percentage of your sales or charge you based on how much money you make. It’s your business and your sales. You keep it all.

See Pebble vs. Groupon vs. Advertising >

Example of a typical Groupon offer with $8,750 in sales.



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You can control your cash flow.

Cash flow can be an issue for any business. Pebble gives you a simple button that you can press connect with your customers and sell on-demand, any time you need. For the first time you can make real-time pricing and sales decisions.


You can control who receives your offer, and who can accept it.

Common marketing and advertising gives you no control over who buys from you, restricting your options.

Pebble is different, letting you select exactly who receives your offer and who can accept it. The result is freedom to provide the best service to your best customers without risk.


You can see and track every customer action and activity real time.

Pebbles tracks every interaction with your offer. You can see how each offer is performing, and every action that each recipient takes. You can use this information to make sure that you’re meeting your goals, but not leaving money on the table.


You can get your existing best customers to bring in your new best customers.

Simple. Send an offer that includes bringing in a friend.

For example a restaurant sends a killer lunch offer but only for groups of 4 or more, a auto-services store sends a discount price if you have multiple cars serviced on the same day, or a physician offers an extra service if you bring a new patient in at the same time.

Because the system is so flexible and controlled, it makes it easy to use your existing customers to drive new ones.

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Your customers will love you. More.

Surprise and delight your customers. Texting is highest rated contact method for customer satisfaction compared to all other communication channels.

  • 91% of people prefer to be texted rather than called.

  • 89% of consumers want to use messaging to communicate with businesses.

  • 81% of Americans text regularly - 2x as often as they call.

  • People prefer text most for scheduling or changing appointments, and making or confirming reservations.


You’re always connected to your customers.

91% of all US mobile users keep their phones within arms reach at all times. There’s no better way to reach your customers.

Over 99% of text messages are opened, while only 22% of emails are opened.

Sending 1 text is 20X quicker than a phone call.



You can increase your total revenue.

With more tools to control of your cash flow, you can sell more of your unused capacity and fill more of your off-peak schedule, maximizing your revenue.


You can make decisions in real time.

Pebble gives you tools that allow you to make faster decisions every day. You can control your sales and cash flow, fill your empty capacity, and build customer loyalty with zero additional cost, making your business more responsive and nimble than ever before.

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Dog Groomer 2.png

You can pre-sell your services or inventory.

Most businesses can’t motivate customers to pre-pay for there services because there’s no sense of urgency, but with Pebble’s built in emotional buying triggers you have the tools to drive customer buying decisions in ways that benefit your business and your cash flow.


You surprise and delight your best customers, building loyalty and driving word of mouth.

Intermittent reinforcement is much more effective in than continuous reinforcement. For example, casinos program slot machines to pay out on a schedule that keeps players playing.

Pebble allows you to do the same thing by unexpectedly rewarding customers with a tiny “thank you”. It doesn’t have have to be big or valuable, but it should be unexpected.

Learn more about intermittent reinforcement >


You can test a lot of little offers with small groups to see what works best.

Make smarter business decisions by making a lot of little bets and learning from them before you double down.

Because you can send to just a few people, you can try different offers to see what happens without any risk. For example, you might send different offers to small groups and see what happens. Send 10% off, 25% off, and 50% off to small groups of 20 people and keep track of what happens. Perhaps you only need to give 10% off, or perhaps a freebie or upgrade will work better.

Pebble allows you to remove the guesswork and and make better decisions for your business.


You can partner with other local business owners to benefit you both.

Build relationships and co-market with other local business owners.

Pebble’s flexibility doesn’t tie your hands. You might bundle your services with another business and both benefit. And because you can limit the offers and recipients, there’s no risk.

For example; get a complimentary latte at The Beanstalk after your free Saturday morning spin class at The Sweat Shop, or get your oil changed on Wednesday before noon and we’ll throw in a car wash at our friends place just down the street.

Shine Partner2.png

You can drive traffic to non-peak times to fill unused capacity.

If you have peak traffic times (like restaurants) you can use Pebble to drive some of that peak traffic to slower times by offering an incentives. Customers love the recognition and feeling of inclusion and exclusivity, and you end making more total revenue.


You can increase buying frequency.

Use Pebble to increase buying frequency by sending offers to bring customers back before they would normally return.

For example; Auto service customers may bring in their car every 4 months on average to have the oil changed but you want them to come back more frequently? Using Pebble you can send them an offer at month 3 that includes an upgrade or freebie that they can’t resist. That results in 4 visits per year instead of just 3 and an immediate 33% increase in sales.


You can fill your inventory just before it’s lost.

Any time based inventory you don’t fill is a complete loss.

Current solutions don’t work because they’re too slow and don’t have the controls and limits you need.

Pebble solves this problem because it works in real time and gives you complete control.


You can train your customers to pay attention to you.

Because you can limit every offer, customers are trained to read and respond fast. The result is that you have a direct line to your customers whenever you need it.


You know that we’re building Pebble for you

We know what owning a local business means. We’ve been there.

Actually, we’re still there.

We started Pebble to solve our own problems, and we designed Pebble from the ground up to work for you, the small business owner. When we started working on Pebble we made a commitment; that we would design a product that worked for every local business, not just the deep pocket players who have the biggest budgets.

We build Pebble for the business owners in our own families.

That’s why Pebble is a simple subscription – because we hate the idea of skimming your profits. It’s why we focus on simplicity and usability – because we know how busy you are and what your day is like. And, it’s why we spend our time obsessing over simplicity, clarity, ease-of-use, and honesty. That goes for our products, and our company, because we’re walking in your shoes every day.


I was initially skeptical but Pebble gave me something I never had - control of my weekly cash flow. If I need more sales I just push the button and it’s sold. It’s magic.
— Ben Martinez, Sumato Coffee
Instead of sending staff home when it’s slow, we send out an offer. Works like a charm and keeps everyone busy.
— Maddy Webb, The Lift Grill
We used Pebble as a novelty for the first few weeks to reward our best customers – then looked at the sales numbers. Now we use it all the time.
— Yoshi Shiraki, Stylist