The Local Customer Engagement Playbook

How to find, engage, and sell to local customers as a small business owner.


Building a sustainable business in the product era means working with a new set of assumptions and goals. So far in this playbook, we’ve covered how to think about product engagement using the three games of engagement model, how to activate new users, and how to re-engage users with engagement loops and triggers. To achieve any of this, however, you need to have a true modern engagement stack in place.

4.1 | Why you need an engagement stack

In order to win, businesses need a modern engagement stack because product development has fundamentally changed.

In the past, software companies could ask customers to pay an up-front fee for a product, then roll out updates every once in a while, and ask those customers to buy the new version on a yearly basis (sometimes even longer!).

Now, in the digital age, both the nature and the speed at which we build products—and, consequently, the way we grow and monetize businesses—has fundamentally changed. With the exploding number of product offerings in every market, the companies that make it big are the ones that know how to grow by meeting the changing demands of their customers and continuously delivering value 1.


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Jeff Barson