Maximize Revenue + Profitability

Trade in your sales and marketing pea-shooter for a Bazooka.

Maximize your sales and profitablity and increase the lifetime value of your customers.

Sent targeted, personal sales and marketing messages that engage your customers and drive sales as you need them.

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Fill Appointments In Minutes. Or less.

Add or select recipients, enter the appointment information and click send. The recipients receive a simple text message. On average, 99% of will open and view it. 95% will see it within 3 minutes. Once a patient accepts this appointment both you and the patient are notified and other recipients see that appointment as already filled.



Engaged customers drive your business.

Small businesses everywhere use Pebble to maximize their revenue.

I was initially skeptical but Pebble gave me something I never had - control of my weekly cash flow. If I need more sales I just push the button and it’s sold. It’s magic.
— Ben Martinez, Sumato Coffee
Instead of sending staff home when it’s slow, we send out an offer. Works like a charm and keeps everyone busy.
— Maddy Webb, The Lift Grill
We used Pebble as a novelty for the first few weeks to reward our best customers – then looked at the sales numbers. Now we use it all the time.
— Yoshi Shiraki, stylist
Maximize Growth + Profitability

Any software company can say they deliver ROI like Pebble on a website. On a spreadsheet it's a bit more difficult.

Pebble connects you with your customers instantly to generate new sales and fill your open capacity on-demand. Try Pebble out for yourself and see how easy it can be to maximize your revenue.
A magical sales device disguised as a smart phone.
Pebble gives you the tools to connect with your customers individually, a few at a time, or all together with perfect control, flexibility and built-in emotional buying triggers, all with push-button simplicity.

Generate instant cash-flow

Instant, push-button cash flow when you need it. Built on SMS text messaging Pebble makes it easy to message a targeted audience on-demand to drive direct buying actions with built-in emotional buying triggers and perfect control.

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Fill inventory just before it's lost

Because Pebble works in real-time, you can fill unsold inventory or extra capacity just before you lose it. The result, increased revenue that goes straight to the bottom line, maximizing your revenue and profitablity.


Increase buying frequency and average ticket size

Motivate and incentivize individual or small groups of customers to buy from you more frequently by sending them a discount, special offer or reward. Offer customers add-on offers and perks that drive customer buying behaviors and reward additional purchases.


Increase the total lifetime value of each customer

Push the gas pedal on your business growth. Engaged customers spend more with your business, buy more often over a longer period, and refer new customers more often. Pebble helps you increase the total lifetime value of every customer.


Get more referrals from your best customers

Because you can personalize every offer and restrict who receives it on the fly, you can send individual or group referral incentives based on what you need right now, without the need for a big one-size-fits-all program.


Get great Facebook and Google reviews and testimonials

Ask your customers for reviews on Facebook and Google. Message your customers requesting a review and forward them automatically to the review site of your choice.


Drive customer actions with emotional buying triggers

Built-in emotional buying triggers drive immediate engagement and response, and allow you engage your customers in ways that you just can't do with generic mass marketing tools or advertising.


Flexibility + Control

Flexiblity that fits any use case: offers, discounts, incentives, events, announcements and pretty much anything else you can think of. And since it's designed for real-time communications it responds as your needs change. Best of all, you have total control over everything.


So much more than your current system. And so much less, too.

Staff productivity is critical. Pebble makes your front desk more productive and efficient giving you more time with patients and less time wasted on the phone.

Introducing the big red button for small business.


Pebble is the Swiss Army Knife of customer engagement.

It connects you with your customers in ways that you never thought possible.

It’s flexible, so you can use it for everything from filling a vacant appointment 20 minutes from now, to driving traffic to off-peak times, to big announcements and events, to pretty much anything you can think of.

It gives you perfect control, so you can send one-off personal offers or mass communications without risk or the fear that everyone might take advantage of it at once.

It’s automated, so you and your staff don’t waste time.

It’s cheap. (We like to say it’s a great value.)

It’s fast, so you can communicate with your customers in real-time and use it to respond to your needs right now, today. 50% of recipients will open your message within the first 60 seconds. 95% will see it within 3 minutes.

It drives immediate actions that you want. Our built-in emotional response triggers give you a 3 minute average response time – 2400x faster than email (2.5 days for average email response)

And it’s simple, so you can use it any time - even multiple times a day.

Think of it as a big red button that you can push whenever you want to make your cash register ring.

That sounds like an unfair advantage to us.

Imagine what that might look like for you


Maximize your revenue and profitability.

Example: 57 minutes saved x 3 appointments per day x 5 days a week x 4 weeks a month = 57 hours saved per month.
57 hours at $25/hour overhead = $1,425 in staff time saved per month – $17,100 per year.


Frequently Answered Questions


How can Pebble help maximize my revenue?

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re filling or rescheduling 3 appointments per day and it takes you a total of 1 hour per completed appointment including missed calls, leaving messages, call backs, conversations, dialing and everything else. Pebble takes about 3 minutes to send to that same 5 people so the difference is 57 minutes.

Now let’s apply a little math: 3 appointments per day x average of 57 minutes saved per appointment x 5 days a week x 4 weeks a month = 57 hours saved per month . Take that 57 hours saved x $25/hour in staff overhead = $1,425 saved every month.

Feel free to plug in your own numbers of course as your mileage may vary. You may be open on Saturdays and save even more time and money.


How much more profitable can Pebble make me?

Pebble drives revenue directly and indirectly to make you more profitable.

By freeing up time for your front desk the have more time to spend on revenue producing tasks and patient services, by filling appointments that would have gone unfilled, and by connecting you in real-time to your patient population to sell even more of your capacity.

Pebble also makes your patients happier, reducing churn, and drives more word out mouth, expanding your patient population and total sales revenue.

Pebble’s connects you directly to your patients and gives you the tools to drive sales and patient satisfaction in ways you never thought possible.

Read 25 more ways that you’ll love Pebble >

Will Pebble change the way we already work?

Nope. Pebble is simple and straightforward. You don’t have to hook it up to anything or give it access to any other system. It works when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don’t.

Pebble solves the problem of “I need to push a button and get an appointment filled in the next 5 minutes”.

And because it’s so fast you’ll find that you can turn to it for all kinds of patient communications. Here are 25 more reasons you’ll love Pebble >


How often can I use it?

Use Pebble as often as you want. Many businesses use it multiple times a day to fill appointments, send reminders, and fill unfilled appointments by sending ‘micro-offers’ to just a few people at a time.

You just want to make sure that you’re not spamming the same people over and over. In most cases for filling appointments you’re simply sending to the people on your “next available appointment” list which should change frequently anyway.


What training do I need? What about support?

Fortunately, Pebble is awesomely simple to use so you’ll probably never need our dedicated playbooks, knowledge base, email or phone support. But if you do, we’ve got your back. In fact, we LOVE hearing from you when you have a problem we can fix or something doesn’t quite make sense or is confusing. We’ll sort it out tout suite.


of buyers will pay more for a better brand experience.


Loyal customers are 7x as likely to test an offering, 5x as likely to buy again and 4x as likely to refer.

Source: Qualtrics

On-demand offers are typically accepted at between 30% - 50%, with some as high as 85%.


of your existing customers
prefer to be texted.


For even more reasons to try Pebble, just continue working without it.

Try Pebble risk free and see just how easy it really is.