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Frequently Answered Questions


Can I try it out for free?

Yes - Every account starts with a free 10 day trial. You can cancel at any time during your trial period and will never be billed.

We will even reminded you before your trial ends. : )

What businesses is Pebble designed for?

Pebble is built for every “local” business ~ medical clinics, restaurants, salons, day spas, boutiques, franchises, grocery stores, dentists, gyms, hair salons, auto services, stylists, personal trainers, bakeries, coffee shops, landscapers, specialty shops, dentists and dog walkers…

Every. Local. Business.


What if I’m self-employed or don’t have a location?

Perfect. Pebble works perfectly for any type of business:

  1. Self employed - stylists, massage therapists, personal trainers…

  2. Delivered services businesses - food trucks, cleaners, landscapers, pest control and security services…

What if I need multiple accounts?

No problem - just contact us for a custom pricing quote.


Why isn’t Pebble free?

Pebble is a serious piece of infrastructure with customers relying on us to provide rock-solid reliable communications service for mission critical customer communications. Providing these services while improving and maintaining Pebble costs money, and we want to continue providing the kind of reliable service that our customers can depend on.

Why verify my phone number?

We require a verified phone number in order to make our platform more secure and for you to use when testing your messages and offers.


What if I’m a nonprofit?

Awesome! Pebble works amazingly well for on-demand fundraising and sales for nonprofits too. We provide a discount for accepted nonprofit organizations.

Just contact us and let’s chat.

Can I cancel my account at any time?


Cancel your account during your trial period and you’ll never be billed. If you cancel a paid account your account will end with your current subscription period.