Drive immediate sales on-demand


Sell your unfilled inventory before it’s lost.

Send time-sensitive offers to limited number of people at any time to make immediate sales of unfilled appointments or inventory.

  1. Start on the Create Offer Page or the Contacts Page:

    1. Send Offer Page: add recipients individually

    2. Contact Page: add recipients individually, by tag, or select all, then click “Send Offer” button.

  2. Write your offer. Make sure that your offer is clear.

  3. Enter whatever limits and options you want for this offer.

  4. Add acceptance instructions and forwarding URL or phone number to complete your work flow.

  5. Send yourself a test to make sure the offer is correct.

  6. Send your offer

95% of recipients will see your appointment offer within 3 minutes of the time you send it and Pebble will handle all of the availability and notifications.