82% of small businesses that fail are killed by cash flow problems. 67% of owners worry about cash flow every month. Pebble keeps your tables filled.
Unifies all of your customer communications with a single system.
Everything you need to deliver awesome, personal customer communications that allow you to manage your cash flow on-demand. 99% open rate, 3 minute average response time.
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Send targeted messages to selected clients that drive the actions you want.

Send the right message to the right client at the right time. Fill a canceled appointment, reward your best clients, announce new services, drive referrals and to fill your schedule and maximize your income. Pebble lets you control every message and manages everything just the way you want it to.


Drive referrals from your very best clients.

Improve your customer base. Select your best customers and prompt them to refer their friends.


It’s easy for restaurant owners to love us, which is why so many do.

A funny thing happens when you design customer messaging software every restaurant can use…

I was initially skeptical but Pebble gave me something I never had - control of my weekly cash flow. If I need more sales I just push the button and it’s sold. It’s magic.
— Ben Martinez, Sumato Coffee
Instead of sending staff home when it’s slow, we send out an offer. Works like a charm and keeps everyone busy.
— Maddy Webb, The Lift Grill
We used Pebble as a novelty for the first few weeks to reward our best customers – then looked at the sales numbers. Now we use it all the time.
— Yoshi Shiraki, stylist
Cash Flow

67% of restaurant owners worry about cash flow every month. They're obviously not using Pebble.

Controlling your restaurant's cash flow is critical. Pebble gives you the tools you need to manage cash flow on-demand and grow your customer base with new referrals.
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Anyone can say they deliver ROI like Pebble on a website.
On a spreadsheet it's a bit more difficult.
How can Pebble help you?

Generate cash-flow on-demand

Instant, push-button cash flow when you need it. Built on SMS text messaging Pebble makes it easy to message a targeted audience on-demand to drive direct buying actions with built-in emotional buying triggers and perfect control.

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Fill unused and available inventory before it's lost

Because Pebble works in real-time, you can fill unsold inventory or extra capacity just before you lose it. The result, increased revenue that goes straight to the bottom line, maximizing your revenue and profitablity.


Increase buying frequency and average purchase price

Motivate and incentivize individual or small groups of customers to buy from you more frequently by sending them a discount, special offer or reward. Offer customers add-on offers and perks that drive customer buying behaviors and reward additional purchases.


Increase the total lifetime value of each patient

Push the gas pedal on your business growth. Engaged customers spend more with your business, buy more often over a longer period, and refer new customers more often. Pebble helps you increase the total lifetime value of every customer.


Drive new referrals from your best patients

Because you can personalize every offer and restrict who receives it on the fly, you can send individual or group referral incentives based on what you need right now, without the need for a big one-size-fits-all program.


Get reviews and testimonials on Facebook and Google

Ask your customers for reviews on Facebook and Google. Message your customers requesting a review and forward them automatically to the review site of your choice.


Drive immediate actions with emotional buying triggers

Built-in emotional buying triggers drive immediate engagement and response, and allow you engage your customers in ways that you just can't do with generic mass marketing tools or advertising.


Flexibility - Handles every use case

Flexiblity that fits any use case: offers, discounts, incentives, events, announcements and pretty much anything else you can think of. And since it's designed for real-time communications it responds as your needs change.


Perfect control

Control every offer. Choose recipients, limit the number of acceptances, set expiration and send times, and add instructions and acceptance actions like forwarding to a URL or a phone number.

Covers + Turns

Customer messaging for restaurant owners who inherited brains instead of wealth.

Pebble is built for immediate sales, not fuzzy marketing. It's fast, efficient, and has a visible ROI that you can see in minutes.

For those finding it hard to believe we could fit every customer communication you want into a single text message.



For those who said we couldn’t fit small business marketing, sales, customer loyalty and rewards into a single text message. Voilla.

It’s easy to waste big money marketing your salon with slow advertising that never delivers clear results.

We know there’s a better way.

Advertisers want you to burn through your cash hoping to bump up sales some time in the future, but you need your chairs filled today.

While advertisers will tell you that you need to spend big and get in front of as many people as possible, they don’t let you in on their little secret - that almost all of the money you spend on advertising is wasted paying to advertise to people who will never buy a cut or color from you.

We think smaller.

And smarter.

We know that stylists are profitable one appointment at a time. That building a successful salon or a career as a stylist is about communicating with your clients in ways that drive success. And that you know better than anyone what that looks like for you.

So while advertisers are telling you that they can grow your business in the next 5 months advertising to as many people as possible, we’ll give you the tools to fill appointments in the next 5 minutes.

And did we mention that it’s cheap?

Pebble was built for salon success.


Smart customer messaging for restaurants.

Pebble gives you the tools to connect your clients instantly to fill your schedule and increase your profitability.


Frequently Answered Questions


How can I use Pebble in my restaurant?

Pebble lets you create any type of offer, add whatever limits you want, and send it with a limited group. It’s as easy as texting, but so flexible that you can use for every type of client communication you might want.

  • Fill a no-show or cancellation

  • Get new clients by sending a special offer to clients who refer a friend

  • Give a discount for coming in at off-peak times

  • Reward loyal customers with a gift to a local business

  • Build a business referral program

  • Auction off prime appointment times

There’s almost no end to what you can do with Pebble.


How I can use Pebble?

You can use Pebble any way you want.

Read 25 more ways that you’ll love Pebble >

Will I need to change the way my restaurant already works?

Nope. Pebble is simple and straightforward and it’s as fast as sending a group text. You don’t have to hook it up to anything or give it access to any other system. It works when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don’t.

Pebble solves the problem of “I need to push a button and get an appointment filled in the next 5 minutes”.

And because it’s so fast you’ll find that you can turn to it for all kinds of patient communications. Here are 25 more reasons you’ll love Pebble >


How often can I use it?

You can use Pebble as often as you want. Pebble is a simple subscription and we don’t charge you for usage. Many businesses use it multiple times a day to fill appointments, send reminders, and fill unfilled appointments by sending ‘micro-offers’ to just a few people at a time to increase their productivity and profits.


Why should I care?

50% of restaurant operators believe guests would enroll in every loyalty program made available to them, but only 27% of consumers say they actually do,  23% rarely join and 49% only sign up to select relevant programs (Oracle Hospitality)

  • Millennials are more likely to belong to a food and beverage loyalty program than the total population: Millennials 46%, total survey was 36% (Hawk Incentives)

  • 47% of restaurant operators believe their loyalty program offerings are mostly relevant but only 27% of consumers share that opinion and another 27% say offers are rarely relevant (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 44% of millennials and 44% of pre-millennials (18-24) say they are more loyal to restaurant brands than before (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 30% of millennials plan to sign up for every restaurant loyalty program, while 48% of baby boomers say they will only enroll in select, relevant programs (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 76% of restaurant guests note immediate benefits are more appealing than accumulating points (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 73% of restaurant guests note a single loyalty program that can be used at a range of brands is appealing (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 41% of restaurant guests would submit a YouTube review in exchange for a reward (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 72% of restaurant guests like loyalty programs where points are automatically redeemed (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 58% of restaurant guests would exchange personal details for personalized promotions (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 88% of consumers note redeeming loyalty points on new food recommendations based on purchase history as appealing (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 52% of consumers will recommend to others the restaurants they are most loyal to (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 38% of restaurant customers are most loyal to brands that they have a high opinion of (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 50% of customers say it’s important they can engage with new and exciting menu items from restaurants they are loyal to (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 36% of restaurant guests will typically stick to the brands they like rather than shop around (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 59% of customers choose a restaurant because of a competitive price/promotion (Oracle Hospitality)

  • 58% of customers would always shop around for different restaurants to eat at (Oracle Hospitality)


of businesses that fail are killed by a cash flow problem.


of small business owners worry about cash flow every month.


Average response time.
2400X faster than email.


of your patients prefer to be texted.


For even more reasons to try Pebble, just keep running your restaurant without it.

Try Pebble risk free and see just how easy it really is.