Personal Data Information Request

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Next steps

We have emailed you a list of the data points in your profile. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see it at the top of your inbox.

If you would like your personal information deleted we would be happy to do that after confirming your identity. Just reply to the email you received.

To ensure we are erasing data of the right person we require you to provide us with proof of your identity and of your address. Please supply us with a photocopy or scanned image (do not send the originals) of one or both of the following:

1) Proof of Identity

Passport, photo driver’s license, national identity card, birth certificate.

2) Proof of Address

Utility bill, bank statement, credit card statement (no more than 3 months old); current driver’s license;

If we are not satisfied you are who you claim to be, we reserve the right to refuse to grant your request.

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~ The Pebble Team