Customer Engagement

Changing the way you engage and sell to your customers. one new use case at a time.

Pebble is the simple toolbox you need to keep customers actively engaged with your business.
Actively engaged customers are the sales engine that drives every successful small business.
Increase average purchase price, buying frequency and total lifetime value of your customer base.
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Increase your average purchase price

Provide your customers a reason to spend more with you by keeping them actively engaged with incentives, special offers and deals that they value.

Send any time while retaining perfect control by choosing recipients, limiting the number of accepted offers, expirations, terms and more.


Easy customer engagement for savvy business owners.

Engaged customers drive your business.

I was initially skeptical but Pebble gave me something I never had - control of my weekly cash flow. If I need more sales I just push the button and it’s sold. It’s magic.
— Ben Martinez, Sumato Coffee
Instead of sending staff home when it’s slow, we send out an offer. Works like a charm and keeps everyone busy.
— Maddy Webb, The Lift Grill
We used Pebble as a novelty for the first few weeks to reward our best customers – then looked at the sales numbers. Now we use it all the time.
— Yoshi Shiraki, stylist
Total Lifetime Value

Increase the total lifetime value of every customer.

Increase buying frequency and average purchase price, drive new customer referrals, build your customer network, reduce churn and keep customers engaged longer.
Simple, on-demand customer engagment that drives business.
Engaged customers buy more frequently, spend more, and refer their friends and family. Pebble helps you increase the total lifetime value of every customer.

Generate instant cash-flow

Instant, push-button cash flow when you need it. Built on SMS text messaging Pebble makes it easy to message a targeted audience on-demand to drive direct buying actions with built-in emotional buying triggers and perfect control.

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Fill unused and available inventory before it's lost

Because Pebble works in real-time, you can fill unsold inventory or extra capacity just before you lose it. The result, increased revenue that goes straight to the bottom line, maximizing your revenue and profitablity.


Increase buying frequency and average ticket size

Motivate and incentivize individual or small groups of customers to buy from you more frequently by sending them a discount, special offer or reward. Offer customers add-on offers and perks that drive customer buying behaviors and reward additional purchases.


Increase the total lifetime value of each customer

Push the gas pedal on your business growth. Engaged customers spend more with your business, buy more often over a longer period, and refer new customers more often. Pebble helps you increase the total lifetime value of every customer.


Get more referrals from your best customers

Because you can personalize every offer and restrict who receives it on the fly, you can send individual or group referral incentives based on what you need right now, without the need for a big one-size-fits-all program.


Get great Facebook and Google reviews and testimonials

Ask your customers for reviews on Facebook and Google. Message your customers requesting a review and forward them automatically to the review site of your choice.


Drive customer actions with emotional buying triggers

Built-in emotional buying triggers drive immediate engagement and response, and allow you engage your customers in ways that you just can't do with generic mass marketing tools or advertising.


Flexibility + Control

Flexiblity that fits any use case: offers, discounts, incentives, events, announcements and pretty much anything else you can think of. And since it's designed for real-time communications it responds as your needs change. Best of all, you have total control over everything.

Small Business Sales

So much more than your current system. And so much less, too.

Big business markeing and sales power without the big business complexity and price. Pebble gives you the single toolbox you need to drive success in today's relationship economy.

Unfair advantage.


Pebble is the Swiss Army Knife of customer engagement.

It connects you with your customers in ways that you never thought possible.

It’s flexible, so you can use it for everything from filling a vacant appointment 20 minutes from now, to driving traffic to off-peak times, to big announcements and events, to pretty much anything you can think of.

It gives you perfect control, so you can send one-off personal offers or mass communications without risk or the fear that everyone might take advantage of it at once.

It’s automated, so you and your staff don’t waste time.

It’s cheap. (We like to say it’s a great value.)

It’s fast, so you can communicate with your customers in real-time and use it to respond to your needs right now, today. 50% of recipients will open your message within the first 60 seconds. 95% will see it within 3 minutes.

It drives immediate actions that you want. Our built-in emotional response triggers give you a 3 minute average response time – 2400x faster than email (2.5 days for average email response)

And it’s simple, so you can use it any time - even multiple times a day.

Think of it as a big red button that you can push whenever you want to make your cash register ring.

That sounds like an unfair advantage to us.

Imagine what that might look like for you.


Simple customer engagement for small business owners.

Pebble gives you the toolbox you need to engage your customers and drive sales.


Frequently Answered Questions


How does Pebble increase my customer engagement?

Pebble is an on-demand messaging platform for small businesses. It’s built on SMS, so it connects you to your customers directly where they live, on their cell phones. It’s built from the ground up to drive engagement and immediate customer actions focused on sales, and it was created to handle everything from tiny mico-offers like filling a short notice cancellation, to large marketing campaigns.

Learn more about customer engagement with Pebble >

How often can I use Pebble?

You can use Pebble whenever you want (as long as it doesn’t violate our terms.) Pebble is designed to be used multiple times a day to respond to whatever your needs are at the time.

What can I use Pebble for?

Pretty much anything… it’s a flexible customer messaging platform that is only limited by your imagination.

Here’s a few things you might use Pebble for >


It's 5 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to activate an existing customer.


of your future profits will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

Source: Gartner Group

Emotionally engaged customers have a 306% higher lifetime value and refer at a much higher rate (71% vs. 45%).

Source: Motista Study

Loyal customers are 7x as likely to test an offering, 5x as likely to buy again and 4x as likely to refer.

Source: Qualtrics

For even more reasons to try Pebble, just continue working without it.

Try Pebble risk free and see just how easy it really is.