How To Run Your Own Groupon Promo Using Pebble


What if you could run your own Groupon programs
without losing 50% of your sales?

Groupon became the fastest growing startup in history because it was able to give local business owners something they desperately needed - the ability to drive new customers without the need to pay for advertising and marketing up front.

Pebble takes the idea many steps further by giving every business the same capability, and layers a slew of other benefits on top:

  • Keep your money. Our subscription pricing that doesn’t cost you 50% of every sale.

  • The ability to limit your offer to only the people that you want to accept it.

  • Restrictions that allow you target your offer to just your very best prospects or customers.

  • Run offers whenever you want (even multiple times a day), not just on the Groupon schedule.

Here’s an example of the difference between what it costs your business using Groupon to promote your business, and selling the same services using Pebble. Let’s take a typical Groupon offer that results in sales of $8,750 (this is the average that a Groupon promotion generates) and compare the costs.

Here’s what it looks like for your business.

Groupon vs. Pebble

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 9.51.37 AM.png

That’s only the first time.