How to fill short term appointment cancelations in your medical clinic


Unfilled appointments cost the average doctors office more than $170,000 a year in profits.

Er… that’s not good.

Since medical clinics have high fixed costs that money comes right out of the practices profitability.

There’s a much better way to fill an appointment or same-day cancelation:

  1. Create an offer for the appointment and send it to your “next available” list

Here’s what it looks like to patients…


That’s pretty much it.

Pebble takes care of everything else.

The first person who ‘accepts’ the offer will take the appointment and everyone else who clicks on the link will be notified that the appointment has been accepted and is no longer available. Simple.

The process is as fast as sending a group text message (about 3 minutes) and means that you’ll save a huge amount of time on the phone trying to fill your schedule.