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Get new customers with Pebble

Cut through the noise and acquire your target customers automatically on the device they use the most - their smartphones.
Automated lead capture, targeted messages, personalized offers, and built-in buying triggers... Pebble grows your business.
More than 90% of your customers want you to text them. Pebble helps you expand your business by targeting the customers you want and automating the process.
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Automated SMS lead capture.

Add or select recipients, enter the appointment information and click send. The recipients receive a simple text message. On average, 99% of will open and view it. 95% will see it within 3 minutes. Once a patient accepts this appointment both you and the patient are notified and other recipients see that appointment as already filled.



What are small business owners saying about us?

Pebble’s customer messaging gives small business owners the tools they need.

I was initially skeptical but Pebble gave me something I never had - control of my weekly cash flow. If I need more sales I just push the button and it’s sold. It’s magic.
— Ben Martinez, Sumato Coffee
Instead of sending staff home when it’s slow, we send out an offer. Works like a charm and keeps everyone busy.
— Maddy Webb, The Lift Grill
We used Pebble as a novelty for the first few weeks to reward our best customers – then looked at the sales numbers. Now we use it all the time.
— Yoshi Shiraki, stylist
Business Growth

What you're really buying is a bigger sales funnel.

Automatically capture new customers and grow your business.
SMS lead capture and new customer engagment with Pebble.
Your customers check their phones 85 times a day, and 95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes. Pebble gives you the tools to get new customers that grow your business.

Capture new customers with text message opt-in

Let customers to subscribe to your business by texting a keyword to your phone number. Pebble automatically tags and adds them to your contact list so that you can send to them on-demand. Try it yourself by texting "Pebble" to (435) 222-7449.

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Drive new referrals from your best customers

Target only your best customers with referral offers that generate more customers just like them. Because you can target specific individuals you can drive new referrals with generous offers.


Personalize your referral programs

Because you can personalize every offer and restrict who receives it on the fly, you can send individual or group referral incentives based on what you need right now, without the need for a big one-size-fits-all program.


Generate Facebook and Google reviews and testimonials

Get online reviews on Facebook and Google. Just message your customers requesting a review and forward them automatically to the review site of your choice.


Drive actions with emotional buying triggers

Pebble's built-in emotional buying triggers drive direct action when you need to. Your recipeints can see how many offers are left and see when it expires so that they're motivated to take action before the opportunity is lost.


Flexibility + Control

Pebble's on-demand communications allow you to manage your customer base in real-time as your needs change. Generate new clients with discounts, offers, and incentives that drive buying behaviors when you need them, but that don't discount your services during peak demand.

Get new customers

Thousands of new customers. One simple way to get them.

Give yourself the tools you need to grow your business.

Are you spending a lot of money on marketing only to find that you’re spending a lot of money on marketing?


Growing a small business ain’t easy.

We know. We’ve done it.

Advertising salespeople traipse into your business armed with charts and smiles, and tell you that they can turn on the customer spigot if only you’ll part with a good chunk of your profits. You grit your teeth an hope that you’ll make at least enough back to cover the cost of the ad.

Most of it’s bunk.

As John Wanamaker famously said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.”

We have a better way – a way that takes replaces the fuzzy ROI and long wait times of marketing with snazzy automated technology and the ability to drive customers to take the actions you want them to take yourself.

Where the ROI is instant and visible.

Where you push a button and the phone rings.

With Pebble, you can harness your existing network and customer base to help you build your business and bring in new customers.

Lead capture, subscriptions, word-of-mouth referrals, incentives, customer loyalty programs, corporate programs, giveaways, events, online reviews and whatever else you might decide to try.

The result; an automated appointment process that gets new customers in your front door and drives your business forward.

Imagine what that might look like for you.


Get new customers that grow your business

Automate your new customer acquisition and put Pebble to work for you.


Frequently Answered Questions


How can I capture new leads and customers with Pebble?

Capture new leads automatically and generate targeted customer referrals through multiple channels.

  1. Customers can subscribe to your SMS offers automatically simply by texting a keyword to your new Pebble phone number. These new subscribers are automatically tagged and added to your contacts list as
    ”subscribers”, allowing you to message them at any time.

  2. Follow up with automated “new customer” offers that generate addition referrals.

  3. Post your number anywhere: Facebook, Twitter, website, email, inside your business and your marketing and advertising campaigns.

  4. Create a ‘public’ offer that you can post anywhere with the same controls, limits and reporting as regular Pebble offers.

  5. Generate targeted customer referrals: Create micro referral campaigns at any time and generate new referrals from your existing customer base.

How do I get a Pebble phone number?

Every paid Pebble account comes with a dedicated phone number that we create for you automatically when you sign up. It will use your local area code and be associated exclusively with your business.

This new phone number is where your Pebble offers will be sent from, and allow new customers to subscribe to your business by simply texting a keyword to the number.


Can I use my existing phone number?

No. We use your existing phone number verify your account, help you login and notify you of accepted offers.


On-demand offers are accepted at rates as high as 85% with typical acceptance rates between 30% - 50%.


of your customers keep their mobile device within reach at all times.

Source: Morgan Stanley

of businesses found they communicated more efficiently after launching SMS initiatives.

Source: ATT Business

99% average open rate for SMS messages, with 95% within 3 minutes - 2400X faster than email.


For even more reasons to try Pebble, just continue working without it.

Get more customers risk free and see just how easy it really is.