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Local deals around Cottonwood Heights

Get connected locally with awesome deals from great businesses right around the corner.


We’re Mason and Lukas…. and we’re putting ourselves through college.

We’re 9 and 12 years old. Our Mom works hard and we want to help by getting money to save for college. Our uncle (who owns this website) is helping us.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. We’re getting everyone in our area to sign up to get really good deals from the local businesses around us in Cottonwood Heights, Sandy, Holiday and Murray.

  2. We help businesses to text message really good instant offers to this list of people. (The offers must be awesome!)

  3. The business only pays what they think it’s worth 1 week after the offer is sent out. : )

You can join our list by texting “pebble84121” to (435) 253-5433

You can remove yourself from our list by texting”cancel84121” to the same phone number.


Join our list to get awesome local offers texted to your phone.

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